Black desert beta key Giveaway

Black Desert Beta is released this Wednesday and many game lovers searching for the beta keys to sign up and start playing the Black Desert game n beta stage as the game is already very popular among the gamers.  We collected few beta keys for this amazing game and giving them to the serious players here.

The beta keys are given based on the location of the players, Europe , North America and Oceania. If the download link doesnot appear , then there are no keys for your location. And also only one beta give will be given for each Ip. So don’t try for more than one  Black Desert Closed Beta Key here. And these keys are for use by the persons only and not to be sold some where.

Get your Black desert beta key here

Black Desert Beta Key Giveaway

How to get the Black Desert Beta Key from the giveaway here?
  • Click the above link and follow the steps one after the other
  • Select the region you are from.
  • Click on get the beta key
  • Copy the displayed beta code and then start playing the game black desert today.

*Only one beta key per IP

Minimum Requirements to play the Black Desert Game :

  • Windows 7/8/10
  • Any processor above the dual core
  • 3GB RAm
  • Geforce gaming card

Get your bet key for Black desert game here. 

Please note that all the features are not available in the beta stage in CBT1. Mostly all the 100% features will be released in CBT2 which is scheduled after 3 weeks from closing the CBT1. If you face any problem in getting the beta key or in using it, feel free to contact us , we will replace the key immediately.  Enjoy playing the black desert game. it is packed with lot of great features and good looking designs. Follow the instructions wont he link provided above and there won’t be any problem in getting the black desert beta key. Soon black desert relase date will be announced upon successful completion of both the closed betas.

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