Boom Beach hack  & Boom Beach Cheats

Boom beach is the third and newest game by Supercell. This game is similar to the other games clash of clans hack from the same developer. Boom beach hack is a tool which can be used in playing boom beach game to get free boom beach diamonds, iron, gold, stone and other in game stuff. This is a free to play game but it has some in game stuff to be purchased or won in the game. So with this boom beach cheats you will be able get all those boom beach free diamonds , gold and wood. So for those players and lovers of boom beach game who cannot afford to buy those diamonds this is a valuable gift. So with these free Boom Beach diamonds , you can use them in your strategies and help in winning battles.

Boom Beach Hack Screenshot


The above image shows the exact screenshot of Boom Beach hacks interface. Seeing that image you will be able to get everything. Everything is explained simply here. First enter your user id of your game boom beach. After that select your device platform on which you are using the game and want the boom beach cheats to be applied for. Then wait for the servers and ssl certificates to be available and ok. This just takes only few seconds. Now the most interesting part all the players of the beach boom game likes most. Enter the values of the diamonds, wood, stone, iron and boom beach gold you want to be added to your games using this boom beach hack. The most important thing is plugin your device to your PC. Now click on apply hack and you are done. Don’t forget to tick the anti ban protection if you are using the boom beach hacks tool for more than once in a day with same IP. The anti ban protection has inbuilt proxy system, so  even if you use this for more than once in a day your account will be safe. So can guarantee that all the people who are using this hack or cheats , all their accounts will be safe. This boom beach hack tool is tested on beta by many players around the game, before it is released to the public.


How to get free Boom beach diamonds using this how to hack boom beach:

  1. Download cheats for boom beach from the link provided.
  2. On opening the hack interface , you can see the hack tool as shown in the above screenshot.
  3. Then connect your device to your PC & select your device platform
  4. Enter your user id & then the amount of free gold and diamonds
  5. Important : If you are using this tool for more than once in a day with same IP , then tick the anti ban protection , so that your accounts will be safe.
  6. By this tme the servers and ssl should be ok.
  7. Click on apply hack and finished. Enjoy the free boom beach gold and dimaonds

 So with this Boom beach hack you might be able to get everything in the game and obviously help you in winning the game. So now you can blackguards easily without spending your huge real cash. Boom beach hack android and iOS are made available in the same interface. So this cheats for boom beach works on all devices.

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