Hearthstone Beta key Generator

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is a new developed strategy card game which was free to play. This game Heroes of Warcraft was designed so simply and it would be engaging players of all backgrounds no doubt about it. This game was under development and a beta form of this Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft Beta was released at the beginning of summer 2013. Hearthstone Beta key Generator is a tool to generate beta keys to play the game.

Hearthstone Beta key Generator

Through some sources beta keys for this Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft Beta  were released. Now the game was in full swing and many people are searching for beta keys for this hearthstone game. So here comes the Hearthstone Beta key Generator. Here this hearthstone beta key giveaway was absolutely free . This was nothing but a database of those official hearthstone beta keys. This Hearthstone beta key generator will randomly generate a unused hearthstone beta key for you which can be added to your bnet account by which you can get access to play the new game in beta mode , very few people get this chance.

Hearthstone Beta key Generator

How To get Hearthstone beta keys:

  • Download the hearth stone beta key  generator from the below download button
  • Open the file and run it as admin
  • Wait for few seconds , it will connect to the server database
  • Now click on generate.
  • Copy the generated beta key and add it to your bnet account.
  • Enjoy the game

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Hope every one enjoy this free hearthstone beta key generator. Still there are more games & hacks to come. Bookmark this site for daily updates . Recently added heroes of the storm beta key generator. Check it to get the beta key for it.Thank you.

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  1. derek12 on at Reply

    working great thankyou :) got a key

  2. Frasy Klesey on at Reply

    wow I got my beta key here. I am searching for this for a long way.

  3. sam on at Reply

    I too got my beta code. I was surprised to see it working. Thank you. And I have voted n your page . That voting system has helped me to trust your site. Keep it up

  4. nitrowogg on at Reply

    Thx :D

  5. Josh on at Reply

    I have downloaded this & struggled a little to get it done. I got my code accepted on 4th trial. Hope first 3 codes were already used. Any how thank you

  6. test on at Reply


  7. jojic on at Reply

    Downloaded it today & got my beta key & to my surprise it was working…………..


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