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Every one knows about Riot points which were used on League of legends game to buy certain accessories and extra skins. Riot points can be purchased from many places with original currency in your country and even many discount offerings are also available on riot points pack. Today we are presenting a method here to get those riot points for free using our riot points generator.Riot points generator

Riot points generator is coded very professionally to keep it simple & user friendly. So that every one can use it very easily and get riot points from it without any problem. This was another new generator we are presenting here on our site along with other code generators. Generally riot points can be purchased in any currency based on the points pack available in the market. So riots can be purchased in US dollars, European Euros, Brazil Reals and lot more currencies around the world. Here we are presenting only one from of points generator for all countries. So this riots work everywhere around the world without any problem.

So here comes how to get free riot points with this riot points generator. Just simply add your username to this generator. Get this generator from the download link below. And click on generate. Don’t worry about the points you get. I had set this by default to generate the points randomly so that you will not get found by original riots seller. So it randomly adds the number of points to your account and based on your home country and available packs. Hope you were clear about how to use this riot points generator. Here goes the step by step way to use this riot points generator and get free riots directly to your account.


  • Download the riot point generator from the download link below.
  • Open the exe file in it and you will see the generator as shown in the above image
  • Enter your username in the first column and click on generate
  • In few seconds riot points will be added to your account. Enjoy free riots

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3 responses to Riot Points Generator | Free Riot Points

  1. pkznnpyv8 on at Reply

    WOW! Really works, got 1380 Riot points! Thanks, developer 😉

  2. insnrnrb6 on at Reply


  3. agatha on at Reply

    Niquel, j’ai deja chopé 2 codes de 1380 RP: un pour moi et un pour mon frere

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